Finding My Grace

About Me

Hello there and welcome to my website. I am grateful you have chosen to stop by and join me. I have choosen to over come my fears and go after my dream of creating this honest, authentic and love filled website. A website where men and women can all feel safe. A place filled with GRACE. A safe space to explore love, spirituality, God, sexuality, sensuality, womanhood, manhood, pleasure, relationships, friendship, motherhood, forgiveness, fatherhood, truth, compassion, gratitude, abundance, intention, spirit, faith, laughter, hope, unity, prosperity, joy, family, playfulness, parenthood, integrity, honor, health, nature, growth, mindfulness, peace and even fear.

In other words GRACE, SPIRIT and HUMANNESS. I am a woman with a very different view of the world, perhaps a little provacative for some. That being said I vow to always be ME, authentic and honest. I will be honored having you here with me on this journey of leaning in, jumping in with both feet and going for it!! It is my goal to share my insights and wisdom from a life well lived. I also will introduce you to my children, family and friends through stories and lessons they have taught me. I believe with every fiber of my being that we are spiritual beings having a human experience on this planet. So here is where we shall jump in.